Tax, Tax, Here Tax, Tax There, Here a Tax, There a Tax, Everywhere a Tax, Tax!

Back in October of 2000 I was filling up my SUV at local Amoco station in my neighborhood, I remember paying 1.63 more noticeable were the stickers on the pump that broke down how much I was paying in Federal and State Gas Tax. It was north of .43 cents. Back in 2000 we saw a spike in gas prices leaping up to 1.63 a gallon. The real price of Gas was about 1.20. The Government took in 2000 about 43 cents per gallon.


Currently Maryland State Gas Tax is about 37 cents.


As the Gas Tax Holiday comes to an end this weekend, expect for prices at the pump shot over $4.00 per gallon or more in Maryland. I urge you to contact your state Delegate and Senator as well as members of the Montgomery County Council. Urge them to call our Senators and Delegates to extend the Gas Tax Holiday. Contact your County Council members

MoCo County Council Members and County Executive

Council Member Phone Number District Email
Gabe Albornoz 240-777-7959 At-Large
Andrew Friedson 240-777-7828 District 1
Evan Glass 240-777-7966 At-Large
Tom Hucker 240-777-7960 District 5
Will Jawando 240-777-7811 At-Large
Sidney Katz 240-777-7906 District 3
Nancy Navarro 240-777-7968 District 4
Craig Rice 240-777-7955 District 2
Hans Riemer 240-777-7964 At-Large

Contact County Executive Marc Elrich at 240.777.0311 or comments at website

Find and Contact your State Delegate and Senator at

Property Taxes You Pay on Average

Property Taxes in Montgomery County is .94% that doesn’t sound so bad but its on average $4,498.00 per household. If you home is north of 550k look at paying over $6000.00 dollars in property taxes.

Alcoholic Beverage Tax in Maryland

Alcoholic Beverage Tax in Maryland

Distilled Spirits Distilled Spirits $1.50 per gallon $0.3963 per liter
Wine Wine $ .40 per gallon $0.1057 per liter
Beer, Cider and Mead Beer, Cider and Mead $ .09 per gallon $0.023778 per liter

On average what you and Your Family will pay in Maryland State Income Taxes

MD Tax Breakdown

Average household income in Montgomery County is about $115k average MOCO families will be paying over $7000.00 in State Income Taxes.

On average what you and Your Family will pay in Federal Income Taxes

Federal Income Taxes

The Average Montgomery County Will pay Little over $9000 dollars for Federal Income Taxes, Little Over $7000.00 in State Income Taxes and $5000.00 in property taxes that is a grand total of $21,000.00 of your MONEY that will go to the Federal, State and Local governments to buy smart phones for illegals, housing subsidies and to education to teach CRT and Transgender foolishness.

Isn’t it Time to Vote Republican for commonsense leadership?

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