I am running to return excellence to our public schools. Excellence can and will be achieved by a three-pronged approach of (1) competition, and (2) challenge and reward, while (3) providing proper resources. Competition through school choice ensures a child’s opportunity is not simply a function of zip code. Challenging our students and rewarding achievement can be restored with the return of final examinations and recognition of class rankings. I will work to fund schools in ways that promote these important principles. Automaker John DeLorean observed that . . .” Ford forces GM into striving for excellence.” President John Kennedy challenged millions, including brilliant mathematicians, toward higher excellence to achieve his vision of a moon landing.


I am running to improve transportation. We need to embrace “all-of-the-above” solutions – NOT just bike lanes and mass transit. Empty buses crowding busy streets are not the answer. Automobiles are now and will continue to be an important part of the transportation system. A responsible holistic solution includes proactive road building while properly focusing public transportation and other alternatives to their best use.


I am running to restore public safety. While historically safe neighborhoods like Bethesda, Kensington, North Bethesda and Potomac are seeing surges in car break-ins and other petty crimes, our county has adopted the soft-on-crime policies that have failed in many big cities. Our county leadership reduces funding to law enforcement and removes school resource officers from our public schools, so it is no surprise that that stabbings and shootings in schools are on the increase. This is no time to embrace policies that tolerate or increase crime.


I am running to protect your finances. Taxes are too high in Montgomery County and yet the County Council works to bypass Ficker Amendment protections against harmful tax increases. The citizens of Montgomery County are not ATMs for spending-addicted Rockville politicians. It is especially important in this time of rapid inflation in food and fuel prices that we exercise spending discipline. I am the only Council candidate that has taken the Americans for Tax Reform, “No, new Taxes Pledge”.

Standing up for Businesses

I am running to restore small businesses that are vital to our prosperity. Council policies during the Covid pandemic contributed to the loss of large numbers of Montgomery County businesses. We need new leadership to protect mom-and-pop restaurants and specialty stores. We should create tax policies that reward those who open new businesses and work to keep those businesses open.

There should never be a conflict of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest between a campaign contribution and a vote!