Mike Pantelides

Mayor – Annaolis, Maryland

“If you want a councilman who is no-nonsense and has the single focus of prioritizing the needs the Taxpayers and would be a responsible steward of the county finances, Dwight Patel is your candidate.”

Gov. George Allen

Governor – Virginia 1994-1998

“I strongly endorse cheerful, freedom-loving Dwight Patel to serve all the taxpayers, parents and law-abiding citizens on the Montgomery County Council. Dwight is a positive, innovative leader creatively working to attract more people to our commonsense conservatives cause advancing persuasive information and proven reasonable solutions to improve the education, safety and opportunities for all. I know Dwight will be the unflinching voice of and for the people on Council.”

Nicole Ambrose

Republican National Committeewoman Maryland

“Having known Dwight Patel for over ten years, I know he is a fighter for the little guy. He will fight to lower your taxes; he will fight to improve Montgomery County Public Schools, and he will bring true two representation to the unchecked Montgomery County Council. Dwight will be your voice on the Council while calling out special interests. It’s time for competition in Montgomery County!.”

The Honorable Jerry Cave

Fromer Central Committee Member

“No, one knows more about government and politics than Dwight. No one cares more about Montgomery County, Maryland than Dwight. His head and heart are in the right places. He will make government work better for all our citizens, not just some. He will set a new standard for every elected official who serves with him. He will be a hard act to follow for those who serve after him. I enthusiastically endorse Dwight Patel”

Dirk Hair

Chairman, MDGOP

“Dwight Patel is one of the hardest working Republicans in Montgomery County”

Del. Kathy Szeliga

Delegate MarylaND – ld7

“Are you frustrated by Montgomery County’s high taxes, high crime, and the radicalization of our public schools? For REAL CHANGE, vote for Dwight Patel for County Council. Dwight Patel is a life-long Montgomery County resident who will bring diversity and integrity to Montgomery County”

Nicole Acle

Councilwoman Nicole Acle
Wicomico County, Maryland

“Are you tired of high taxes, high crime and the radicalization of public schools? If you said yes, then Dwight Patel is your guy for Montgomery County Council.”

Gov. James Gilmore

Governor – Virginia 1998-2002

“I have known Dwight Patel for a number of years. I know, he understands the complex issues that are facing the people of Montgomery County. He has always been a hard worker in business, he will work equally hard for the people of Montgomery County, Maryland. He doesn’t back down from a fight, yet is humble enough to admit when he is wrong. Those are the qualities that make for a great representative in any legislative body, hence I whole heartedly endorse Dwight Patel for County Council.”

Reid Novotny

DelegaTE mARYLAND ld-9A

“I have know Dwight Patel for number of years, if you are looking for a candidate who puts the interests of the County, state and Country over partisian politics Dwight Patel is your Candidate”

David Bossie

Republican National Committeeman Maryland

“Do you want a Councilman who shares your values, someone who will stand up to special interests, hold the county board of education accountable? Then there is no better Choice for Montgomery County Council than Dwight Patel.”

Johnny Ray Salling

Senator Marland LD-6

“I want everyone to know that I whole heartedly endorses Dwight Patel for MoCo county council. He is a hard working man and has always been an awesome Republican friend and I believe he will represent us well in Montgomery County.”

Joséphine Wang

Retired MCPS Teacher

“I have known Dwight Patel for many years, I enthusiastically endorse this young man for the next County Council At-large! His dedication to improving the quality of life in this County has been in the works for years.”

The Honorable 
Ellen R. Sauerbrey

Republican Leader MD House of Delegates

“Do you want a County Council representative who will listen to your concerns, and tenaciously seek solutions to your problems? If so, I urge you to vote for Dwight Patel who has a long record of commitment to safe communities, strong families, and more jobs. I am happy to endorse my friend Dwight Patel for Montgomery County Council because he will work tirelessly for YOU.”

Gov. Bob Ehrlich

Governor – Maryland 2003-2007

“Dwight is one of my oldest and most valuable friends in politics. He is the ultimate political warrior-always willing to go to bat for the GOP and our values-even in deep blue Montgomery County! I enthusiastically endorse Dwight for Montgomery County Council.”

Tom Rodriguez

Councilman, Town of Kensington

“I fully endorse and support Dwight for Montgomery County Council because he will prioritize students over systems, support police over soft-on-crime politicians, and work to lower taxes not raise them. I encourage every Montgomery County voter to support Dwight Patel for County Council.”