Montgomery County is Broken

I am running to fix the problems with the county. I will be taking advantage of public financing of my campaign.  I am the only Republican running in Montgomery County Currently.  

Dwight Patel
Dwight Patel with the Honorable Joseph Mondello

Meet Dwight

Dwight Patel, is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County. I am a problem solver; we have major problems in our county when it comes to Quality of Life.

Dwight Patel at HOCO LDD
Dwight Patel

Vision for Montgomery County

Fix MOCO Agenda

My vision is a Montgomery County that is a more livable place where our neighborhoods are not congested with traffic, our schools are safe and achieve high standards, our taxes are not spiraling upward, and our laws are respected and fairly enforced.


A child’s zip code should never determine the quality of the education they receive.   Unfortunately, that is the case in far too many Maryland communities.


We need more roads and make use of all possible transportation solutions. Are you tired of seeing EMPTY buses go by while you sit in traffic?


This past fall MCPS averaged over 400 911 calls a month, this shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone.

Property Taxes

Unprecedented inflation that hasn’t been seen since the late 70s, we can’t raise property taxes and fees

Openness, Ethics and Accountability

There should never be a conflict of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest between a campaign contribution and a vote!

Stand UP for Business

During the pandemic Montgomery County has lost countless number of small businesses since 2020. We need legislation to protect businesses like the mom-and-pop biz.

Republican Dwight Patel for County Council, At-Large

Dwight Patel, is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County and is asking for you support on his journey to become the first elected Republican to the county Council in over sixteen years!

Contact Dwight patel

10421 Motor City Drive
PO Box 341651
Bethesda, Maryland 20817

PHONE 240.479.9507
EMAIL info@dwightpatelformoco.com 

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